Prophet-600 GliGli Firmware Upgrade


Essential further development of GliGli's famous Teensy++ based firmware upgrade by imogen / image-et-son

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Downloads and useful resources

Dear Prophet-600 user, on this page you find the latest Prophet-600 firmware version, user manuals and supportive materials. To sign up for regular updates and news and for further reading see Imogen’s Prophet-600 blog.

Note: this is the Teensy++ based firmware upgrade - this software does not work without this modification.

Latest firmware

The latest firmware version is v2022.1 (September 26th 2022). You can download the firmware as MIDI SysEx (update via MIDI) or Hex (update to Teensy++ via USB).

Download the documentation (user manual in English) and cheat sheet. The new panel overlay (parameter quick guide) is provided by Dioskilos.

Please use the option to provide feedback and to participate in feature upvoting using the survey doc below! It is most useful after you have tried out the new firmware for a bit and then share your thoughts.

Feedback survey and feature upvote

Patch collection for the v2022 firmware

The new firmware version comes with a patch collection which utilises some of the new features. Please refer to the enclosed documentation for patch groups, names, contributors as well as features used in each patch. These are free to use but please acknowledge the work of others if it adds substantially to your work.

Note: in v2022 you will need to use the the new patch management mode for loading MIDI patches - please refer to the user manual.

MIDI specification

If you are interested in developing tools around the v2022 firmware, i.e. a MIDI patch editor etc., you may find the MIDI specification useful.

Earlier firmware versions

Credits and license

Everything is under GPL v3 license, except files that have their own license in the header.

Thanks to all contributors on GitHub and Gearspace for ideas, testing, general support and proof reading. Thanks to Matrix12x, el-folie, Jpro600k and Andy W. for patches and very detailed listening and testing.